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Irene Anggreeni, MA

Expat Wellbeing | Therapy & Coaching

Kruisplein 26
3022CC Rotterdam

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Expat Wellbeing | Therapy & Coaching


Are you an EXPAT struggling with culture shock, adaptation stress, homesickness?

You've immersed yourself in building your life, adapting to the culture, learning the language, growing your network. But, you miss home. You miss emotional support. You want to be seen and heard, your pain and struggles acknowledged, your achievements celebrated. You want to feel safe and rooted. So long as you are here, you want to feel more at home and live your journey meaningfully.

It's normal to face difficulty adjusting, and everyone has their own pace. Despite your best efforts, adaptation stress and culture shock can create or intensify pre-existing mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, self-image problem. 

You seek not just any professional help, but from someone who's been there and knows your struggles first hand.

As an ex-knowledge migrant to NL (PhD in design research, software engineer), I have transitioned through countries and careers. Amid these radical changes, I have found my way home to myself through mindfulness and dance therapy. The Expat Wellbeing Program is my answer to support others going through a similar journey. 

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I also give individual dance movement psychotherapy/ body-oriented coaching sessions in Rotterdam. I offer therapy in English, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia.

Areas in which I can help individuals, couples and groups, include: 

General discontent/unhappiness, Existential Crisis, Low self esteem, Self-criticism, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Early/Attachment trauma,  Stress/Burnout, Panic symptoms/Panic attacks, Phobia, Grief and loss, Family & Relationship problems, Work-related problems, Anger management, Energy management, Sexuality


I feel a sense of community & acceptance. As an expat, this is very important to me. - Kristina

Irene invited us to be ourselves and have fun! - Thais

I usually do my own thing and here I learn to connect and interact more with other people. - Krzysztof

It's a safe place to challenge my social anxieties. It empowers me to be myself, I don't have to be perfect. - Alice

All you need to do is show up and you're guided the whole way through. - Elizabeth

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